Online Travel Guide wrote about us!

Online Travel Guide wrote about us!

We are grateful to be recommended by the adventure travel website,, for visitors to the Sacred Valley! connects travelers with adventure tourism options in Peru and emphasizes sustainable travel. They recently posted an article on what hotels to stay in for the most visited regions of Peru. For the Sacred Valley they selected our guesthouse in Pisac.




Brad from Gringo Inca wrote this about Hatha Art Yoga Pisac:

What stands out about Hatha Art Yoga Pisac is the hotel seems to be one with the Sacred Valley’s nature and overall vibe. Just reading the reviews of previous guests told me that this is for lovers of adventure too, as Pisac’s archaeological site is a short hike away. Of course yoga classes are offered daily to help reset your mind and stretch out those muscles. At night you can enjoy the view of the galaxy and stars at Pisac’s altitude of 9,751 feet (2,900 meters), unimpeded by light pollution.

The location in town is perfect as well. Hatha Art Yoga is located a 15 minute walk from downtown Pisac. This provides additional tranquility and privacy to guests, yet the hotel is still walking distance to the major attractions.

And of course you need (even expect) great food in order to fuel your travels in a place like Peru! The homemade vegetarian dishes are a highlight for many guests. Keep in mind vegetarian food is tough to find in Peru, let alone delicious vegetarian food! The buffet breakfast offerings are particularly popular.

Pisac is geographically close to Cusco (20.5 miles, or 33 km) yet, like much of the Sacred Valley, the village atmosphere and pace of life here differ dramatically from the departmental capital. Tourists were first attracted to the large indigenous market, which consequently expanded and is now held daily. However Pisac’s archaeological site is equally impressive for its Incan architecture, and its quality has been compared to that of Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu’s. The village is now a sort of local mecca for New Age followers and adventure travelers.

The owners of Hatha Art Yoga Pisac describe themselves as inspired by their spirit guides. They believe in putting teachings into practice and highlight the importance of finding balance. In fact the hotel’s website states:

This Yoga guesthouse in Pisac is the result of our dreams of sharing our home with others in Sangha (spiritually oriented community), in Hatha Art Yoga Pisac we work hard for our guests can always feel a welcoming and clean energy, full of loving respect and gratitude for the opportunity to grow from every interaction.”

Given that, it’s no wonder guests say their stays were partly spiritual in nature. Here you’ll certainly have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and feel the sacredness of the Valley. So start planning your adventure now and check out Hatha Art Yoga Pisac!


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